Mosaici Moruzzi, Masters of Mosaic

Mosaici Moruzzi was founded more than 40 years ago at the foot of a castle, in an ancient village in the Friulian foothills of the Alps, listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Since ancient times, Friuli Venezia Giulia has been famous for the creation of mosaic works, and it is in the wake of this tradition that our company also came to life and established itself. Read our story.

Tesserae production

In addition to creating mosaics, we also produce and sell marble mosaic tiles (tesserae) that are used by other masters and craftsmen for their creations. And, thanks to the purchase of a cutting-edge machinery, we are able to make extraordinary shaped cut tiles that will make your mosaic creations truly unique and stunning.

The Art of Mosaic

Mosaic is the combination of small elements, called tesserae, to make up a predefined design. To obtain the tesserae, shears, pincers or a hammer are used to hit the material on the cutting board to split it and obtain the desired geometric shape.

    The application of mosaic to floor coverings has been widespread since ancient times and particularly popular.
    Wall coverings can be in continuity or in contrast with floor coverings, in a single decorative project.
    The most modern applications apply mosaic art to furnishing objects, with extraordinary visual impact.

Mosaics can be made from a variety of materials, even juxtaposed, which give them different properties and create visual effects and fascinating contrasts: the most commonly used materials include natural materials (stones), glass and enamels and precious metals (gold and silver).

    Resistant and suitable for many processes, stones are loved for their wide range of natural and versatile tones.
    Opaque or transparent, available in a very wide range of colours, they give brightness and verve to mosaics.
    The most precious materials, which, however they are used, create an effect of great brilliance and refinement.